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True service is an act of giving.
“To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.” Douglas Adams

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Internet solutions that work for you
There is no doubt that using the Internet correctly to promote your business is the most powerful form of exposure marketing that you can utilise to attract new customers. All marketing is largely a numbers game, you must place your business in a position where most customers will learn about your business before they find your competition.
The Internet allows your business to be presented in a professional manner that allows it to compete on equal terms with much larger competitors for customers.

As the Internet is now generally the first place that customers discover your business, you cannot afford to present your business in anyway less than a professional manner. Your customers are just like you, you want to find a solution to your problem in the shortest possibly time and have that solution provided by someone that you feel you can trust to provide what you need. When a potential customer visits your website in the first ten seconds they will decide if they feel that they can trust you and this trust factor stems from their first impressions of how the look of your website presents your business. Our first focus is to provide that professional internet presence for your business whilst making it extremely easy for your potential customer to learn that you are the right business to supply the products or services that they are looking for.
What You Need
To take advantage of the power of the Internet you need a website, website domain name (called your URL), your website hosted on an Internet server and both offline and Internet marketing that works and is cost effective.
Website Design
When a potential customer comes into your website, they looking for a solution to their problem, they are in a hurry because they think they do not have a lot of time and they are looking for a business that they can trust to provide the products or services that they need. Your website needs to have a professional appearance and also be easy to navigate throughout the various web pages that make up your website.

Whether you need a two page website or much larger or an e-commerce website to allow you to sell your products online, our focus is in providing you with a website design that is professionally and attractively designed which will quickly develop that much needed feeling within your potential customer that they can trust your business. This is the first hurdle that you must overcome with your website. The second thing your website features are obvious menu options and link selections with the web pages that allow the potential customer to navigate your site to find the solution to their problem.

We do not use website templates that are purchased from other companies to use for your website. We design and develop your website from the ground up and this is only done after close consultation with you so that we get to understand how your business operates, what information it should contain and your preferred color scheme. Many of our customers have preferred that we design a new fresh modern color scheme for them.

For your website to operate effectively it needs to be submitted to all major search engines, like Google and every page needs to be search engine optimised so that you can take advantage of the keywords that potential customers use when entering their search criteria into their preferred Internet search engine. When you choose Epresence Websites as your website developer, your site is submitted to all major search engines and each page is keyword optimised as well, this is included in the investment required to design and develop your website.

Once you have completed paying the investment required for your website, you own it and you will not have to pay for it again at anytime. We can design and develop whatever website will be best suited for your needs and the future growth of your business. Our website prices are fixed and commence at a completed price of less than a thousand dollars. The investment necessary to purchase your website can even be made through monthly installments over the next twelve months.

Our best advertising comes from our clients so feel free to contact them to ask about the quality of our services.
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Build Your Own Website (FREE)
Build your own website for FREE! You choose to build your own website with our simple website builder. Once you have completed the website, to launch your new site onto the Internet where customers are waiting all that needs to be done is to purchase a domain name(if you donot already have one) and arrange for us to host your new site on our Internet servers. To test out the Click Here
Website Domain Names
To be found on the Internet, your website requires an internet address in the form of a domain name (also referred to as a URL). The domain names take the form of www.yourwebsitename.com.au. It can also , instead of ending in .com.au have many different domain endings such as .com or .net or .net.au just to name a few.

If you are registering a domain name for a website that is for a business based in Australia the most suitable is a domain name that ends in .com.au. You can however choose to use any of the other suitable domain name endings. Generally when we register domain names for clients the first domain name we choose ends in the .com.au. We choose this for our clients because only registered Australian businesses with an ABN or ACN can obtain them.

If you do not have your domain name already you should acquire the one you want as quickly as possible before someone else registers the name that you want, in fact it may already be taken. You easily check to see if your domain name is still available and if it is you should register it immediately.

To check if your preferred domain name is available [Click Here]
Website Hosting
To be found on the Internet you will also need to have your website on an Internet sever. This is referred to as hosting your website on the Internet. Simply put the Internet is just buildings of computers all over the world and if your website is hosted on any of them, your potential customers can find your website by typing your website domain name into an Internet browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox or any of the other lesser known versions of Internet Browsers that your potential customers choose to use.

Search engines like Google, Bing and others are not Internet Browsers and you will find information on these under Website Marketing on this page.

Our services are modern , have the latest technology installed and are protected from hackers with robust firewall protection systems. You can also be assured that your website data is safe as we backup your website everyday. If you require your information to be backed up more regularly, we can also provide service where your website information is backup every hour.

We provide state of the art, fully secure website hosting services for clients we build websites for and for others who are looking for a local Australian based website hosting service. Our website hosting fees are extremely competitively price and vary depending on a number of factors. We provide website hosting from as low as $130 per year and to remain accessible to potential customers any hosting service you choose will need to be renewed on an annual basis.

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Website Marketing
There are two forms of advertising that you should consider in order to increase the number of potential customers who visit your website. One is offline advertising and the other is Internet marketing.

Offline Advertising
Offline advertising will not necessarily increase the cost of any advertising that you currently engage in through traditional media such as print, television or radio. You will now ensure that you add to small but extremely vital pieces of new information and they are your website domain name and your new email address.

You should, as soon as possible, after the registration of your website domain name perform the following actions
Put your website address and email address on your business cards
Put your website address and email address on business invoices and letterheads
Put your website address and email address in all forms of media advertising
Notify your regular clients/customers of your new website address and email address
This is important because the best form of advertising your business can get is the testimonials provided by your current clients/customers when they speak to any potential clients/customers about their experience with your business. They will now be able to direct potential customers to your new website as well.
Put your website address on all your business vehicles
Every day as you drive around you pass hundreds if not thousands of potential customers. Whenever your vehicle is parked in the street or outside a client/customers premises potential customers are walking by. If they see your website address , they will more than likely go directly to your website before they engage in searching the Internet with Google or the other Internet search engines.

By placing your website address on your vehicle(s), you will become the first option for these potential customers when they search for a business to help them.

These offline marketing practices will certainly help, however over 85% of potential clients/customers go directly to an Internet search engine to find the right business to provide them with the products or services they need and to take full advantage of them you will need to engage in some form of Internet marketing.
Internet Marketing
There are a number of effective methods available to use when marketing your website using the Internet. They include, but are not limited to, search engine optimisation, pay for click advertising and social media marketing. They all have their uses and need to be evaluated as to the cost involved versus the potential finanical return for your business.

Where your website is found when the potential clients/customers perform an Internet search using a search engine is extremely important. Your website must be located somewhere within the first three pages of their search results. It goes without saying that being positioned on the first page of any search results is by far the best place for your website to be found.

We have developed a cost effective internet marketing strategy that regularly positions our clients on the first page of the results to search engine enquiries. These strategies differ for individual business and can only be properly and effectively developed after consultation with you about your business.

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